Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog! First of all, i hope you don't mind that i will be writing in English. Since some of my friends and loved ones are German, some are Dutch, i found it hard to decide in which language to write, and i hope that this will do all of you justice. 

When Anne & me arrived in India a week ago, we were received at the airport by the director of the Pondicherry project, Rasa. He has been taking perfect care of us from this moment on, as well as the other fathers who are running the Boy's Home here. Thankfully, this has made it very easy to feel at home here in India. 

Still, India is very new, different and exciting territory for me. Life here is colorful, crowded and very noisy. And very warm! I am slowly getting used to being covered in sweat most of the time... I have noticed that even the Indians sweat, so at least i'm not the only one;). So far the south Indian people have been extremely friendly and welcoming. Although Pondicherry is supposedly one of the more touristic towns, you encounter few white people on the streets. Europeans are still an attraction here and are greeted with big smiles and a lot of curiosity. 

There are two Don Bosco Boys Homes here in Pondicherry: One for the older boys, aged 14-23 and one for the younger boys who are between the ages of 7 and 13. We are staying at the younger boy's home, the "Transit Home". Getting to know the boys was really exciting, when we arrived for the morning they greeted us with a song and gave us a scarf, which is a typical Indian welcoming gift. The boys are unbelievable.  Curious, enthusiastic, active, playful, noisy, friendly, smiley. Very different from the average northern European teenager...;). Even though i never gotten along especially well with children, i can not resist the charm of the "pondyboys". 

Coming Monday, i will start giving some English lessons in the evenings. It is something completely new to me, so i'm excited curious and a little nervous. Wish me luck!

Big hugs from Pondicherry!

P.S.: Photos will follow!

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